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“We've had good success with young guys like that who we feel like we are getting early enough to really can make a good impact on his development,” Haley said.

Long before he was Ju Ju Smith-Schuster, the Steelers' newest wide receiver was simply John Smith. A five-star recruit to USC, he was highly productive at the Pac-12 level and became the Steelers' second-round pick late Friday evening.“If you had to say what he excels at, I'd say his ability to catch the ball in combative situations, 50-50 balls as we call them, he usually comes down with them.” Smith won't turn 21 until November 22. Smith-Schuster is the second-youngest player drafted by the Steelers since the 1970 merger — Bruce Kimball was 19 when he was a seventh-round pick in 1979.The Steelers often have cited their desire to take younger players because their bodies are still maturing, and their potential has not yet been fully tapped.(Want to improve you speed and agility and get some moves like Barkley?Try this running back workout from But if you were paying attention to Barkley earlier this year, his feat of strength was no surprise.