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the last post about dating in Lebanon, and how hard it is to meet someone. As I talked about previously, it's hard to meet someone in Lebanon because of the limited possibilities and opportunities. Technically, it's practically limitless, and all you need to use it is a connected device and at least a hint of digital media literacy.I've heard many anecdotes and examples of individuals who dated someone or simply met someone on the Internet--particularly through Facebook. “A great partnership”, says Elizabeth Peale Allen, daughter and well known Pawling resident. George Hart, the museum archivist, curator, director, and Peale historian was kind enough to give me a personal tour of this new and important addition to our community, and his wealth of knowledge about the life and times of this towering figure and his family is inspiring.

I seem to remember having trouble finding clothing that fit me because I’m not a small fellow and if you’ve ever been to the far east you’ll know that finding clothing for “Not Small Fellows” is near impossible.

The purpose of this blog is not to give advice, but rather to connect relationship research, life anecdotes, experiences, and resources to you in a convenient way that can help understand who we love, why we love them, what we look for in a partner, and how we can create better, stronger, and more meaningful relationships. It's been a beautiful few weeks here in Beirut and throughout Lebanon, and I'm really excited for a few things. I'm pretty sure I've told everyone that I am almost done for about two months now. I just need to finish up the edits of one chapter, then it's two short chapters left to edit, and off to the committee.

For more information, check out the introductory post: https://tinyurl.com/LOVEanon. So, just stay tuned for updates about it over the next few weeks!

Luckily Annabel was coming in a weeks time and we were going to try to get her to get one for me.

I think in summary I’m afraid of forgetting things when I go traveling…