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Report: Trump allegedly hired prostitutes for a “golden shower” party on Ritz Moscow bed where Obama/Michelle slepthttps://t.co/kkrva34ix T pic.twitter.com/Xt QCX0Ux Qt — Tom Namako (@Tom Namako) January 10, 2017 Trump kicked off the press conference by swiftly denying the validity of the dossier, and though he couldn't bring himself to utter the word "pee," he did his best to assure America that specific portion of the document could not be true. "Be very careful, because in your hotel rooms and no matter where you go you’re going to probably have cameras," he warned.In this week’s episode, the drug kingpin gets some very disconcerting news: The Feds have been approved to seek the death penalty in his prosecution for Greg Knox’s murder.A Navy SEAL stationed in San Diego filmed himself molesting a sleeping girl, raped a woman in Virginia and kept a stash of child porn on his cellphone that included footage involving an infant having sex with a dog, according to allegations unsealed in federal court in Virginia Beach, Va.Arrested in San Diego by federal marshals more than two weeks ago, SEAL Team One Petty Officer 1st Class Gregory Kyle Seerden, 31, faces felony child pornography and child sex assault charges in Virginia following an investigation by Naval Criminal Investigative Service’s Norfolk field office.Read on for the highlights of “Things Are Going to Get Worse.” The morning after his beating, Ghost is limping and peeing blood.But Proctor is glad to hear that his client didn’t even try to fight back: That jives with the picture they’re trying to paint of him, one of a harmless businessman incapable of murder.Agents investigating the reported rape of an unconscious Virginia woman uncovered the child sex crimes.

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The camera’s twin capacities, to subjectivize reality and to objectify it, ideally serve these needs and strengthen them.

A capitalist society requires a culture based on images.

It needs to furnish vast amounts of entertainment in order to stimulate buying and anesthetize the injuries of class, race, and sex.

Cameras define reality in the two ways essential to the workings of an advanced industrial society: as a spectacle (for masses) and as an object of surveillance (for rulers).

More photographs have been taken in the past year than were taken on all film combined.