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This is an unmoderated collection of the DCBB fics posted this week. We love DCBB and will be reading reccing and reviewing as the challenge progresses, just give us some time! Banner courtesy of Purgatory Jar (link to art only post)The Art of Dating by flutterby_cupcake_26 with Art by @silverink58Be sure to check out previous bulletin(s) - DCBB16 Weekly Bulletins!

The Art of Datingby Diana-san Author's Note: Re-posting this from my tumblr for fayeharuno-uchiha!

A short series written in answer to prompt requests I received for a next-generation Ino-Shika-Chou/Ino Sara pairing.01.

Well, yea, okay, I can think about Mac's cuteness because, I admit it, I am smitten. "I liked it a lot." She adds with emphasis as her eyebrow comes down and this stunning smile takes place. Still, I have to give it a try, she can't be totally immune!

Fanfictions are fanfics involving the pairing of Fletcher Quimby and Olive Doyle, or better known as Folive.

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Title: The Art of Diversion Summary: Drawing is not the only kind of art Inojin is skilled in. Every day for the last eleven days, an unsigned bouquet of flowers has been delivered to his door at precisely nine a.m.

Pairing: Sara Jin/Ino Sara Disclaimer: Naruto, not mine since 1999. The sender of these flowers must clearly has a deathwish, because the card always reads "For the most beautiful kunoichi in Konoha."Since Sasuke himself is not a kunoichi, it can be deduced that the flowers are either for his wife (a remarkably bad decision on the sender's part) or his fifteen year-old daughter (an even worse decision).