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Favorite Features: Easy-to-use and interactive map lets you search for registered sex offenders by location, name, route and proximity.View detailed information from the Texas 10 Most Wanted program, submit a tip or just use this app to increase your awareness, and be on the lookout for fugitives and wanted sex offenders.'But obviously he started tackling me to the ground.'I think by that point I was in such a state of shock I forgot I was recording but managed to get a glimpse of his face.'Lillian's Samsung phone continued filming and captured the teenager screaming and pleading with her attacker as he assaulted her just metres from her own front door. The survey of more than 750 Pokemon Go players in the US revealed that one in five would rather roam around catching the little virtual creatures than get busy in the bedroom.

Instead, she was subjected to a brutal sexual assault.

Bork horeca is een innovatieve partner die Europese technologie presenteert voor de Nederlandse horeca.

Door het leveren van volledig geïntegreerde oplossingen is Bork meer dan leverancier.

Bork denkt met u mee om uw bedrijf de juiste mogelijkheden te bieden om het maximale bedrijfsresultaat te realiseren.

Van touchscreen, handheld en bar-automatisering tot roosteren en managementtools; bij Bork Horeca bent u aan het juiste adres.