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Unfortunately, the predation of poachers is becoming a real problem.We try to patrol the lake in the evening and at night but some of our members are elderly or live some distance from the lake so our patrols tend to be rather patchy.Sure, a relatively tech-savvy person could probably make sense of this, but today's DIY security cameras are, in most cases, driven by simple mobile apps.That puts pressure on companies to create cameras that are truly simple to set up, but it's good news for consumers -- and the mass market as a whole -- since there are more buying options than ever before.It is a wearable phone and locator that combines video calling, voice calling, messaging, and location-tracking capabilities into one simple device.

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The detection range can also be adjusted up to 100'.

While the shift toward DIY security gives consumers many more options, it also complicates the purchasing decision a bit. We'll address a bunch of topics and potential questions in this buying guide so you can figure out exactly what today's DIY home security cameras offer.

We'll also take a look at the innovative tech that's likely to define the future of the industry.

Is there any way we could monitor the lake from a distance?

The main problem is that there is no mains electricity. Gill, by email It can be done but it is going to be a challenge.