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The pickup truck driver, who is completely stunned by what is happening, attempted to shove the man out the way with his door but ends up being pushed back inside.No sooner does the man attempt to to fight back, he is pepper sprayed once again forcing the man to walk away and cover his face.Instead he produced a led pipe and takes a pathetic swing as the Beamer speeds away.' The camera clearly captures the BMW driver walking purposefully over towards the F150.After punching the window once with his bare fist, he then puts his hand straight through the glass on his second attempt and pepper sprays the man directly in the face.On waking, before even going to the toilet or brushing her teeth, she'd neck her Dr Pepper, cherishing the sugar boost and sweet taste.

Bij Paiq is dit geenszins het geval: de dienst werkt namelijk niet met datingprofielen, zoals bij het gros van de concurrenten het geval is, maar met een matching- en chatsysteem.

Vervolgens kunnen jullie online kennismaken, door middel van berichtjes en/of chatten.

Jullie foto’s blijven in het begin van jullie contact wazig, wat twee voordelen heeft: je blijft voorlopig anoniem én je gaat onbevooroordeeld met iemand het gesprek aan.

A driver got out of his car to smash the window and then pepper spray a fellow motorist in a shocking incident of road rage that was caught on camera.

The attack, which happened last month near Daytona Beach, Florida, lasted for less than 45 seconds but could easily have been much worse.