Project summary task not updating

This means that if any child tasks have their flag set to yes, the summary task will be brought in as well. Click OK again, and the formula will be applied to all of the tasks and summary tasks (if you chose to roll-up) in your project plan.As the values in your project plan change, the formula will automatically update the flag column.Alternatively, the project administrator can create the project with financial management enabled in the Project Financial Management work area.Use one of the following methods to create a project for financial management: In many circumstances, project managers may need to create a project for planning, scheduling, or proposal purposes, without the need for financial management.The project can then continue indefinitely without financial management, or the project administrator can enable financial management for the project.The figure shows the project lifecycle of how you can first perform work planning and at a later point start managing the financial aspects of your projects.

I'm not 100% sure, but I guess on the server itself, the REST/SOAP operations are still using the PSI in the end, so you get the same error.

Physical % Complete is intended as a physical measure.

For instance, when building a 10 mile pipeline, after building 5 miles, I would call the task “50% complete” in Physical & Complete.

In software, I would identify rules of credit to define when I am allowed to change Physical % Complete.

For instance, an architectural review may net me 25%, architect approval 50%, customer sign off 100%.