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As well, I had numerous pop-ups by this point already, supposedly from other, very provocatively dressed female members, wanting to chat with me via video.

Terisa Greenan and her boyfriend, Matt, are enjoying a rare day of Seattle sun, sharing a beet carpaccio on the patio of a local restaurant.

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Terisa and Matt and Vera and Larry—along with Scott, who's also at this dinner—are not swingers, per se; they aren't pursuing casual sex.

They are polyamorous, to use the term of art applied to multiple-partner families like theirs, and they wouldn't want to live any other way.

Terisa, 41, is at the center of this particular polyamorous cluster.

I gripped his hand tighter and nodded while continuing to cry. With his next breath he said, “I can’t wait to tell Sarah.” And in that instance I knew I had the perfect partners to start a family with.

Sarah is my girlfriend and together she, Kevin, and I were about to begin a new journey as we started our family.