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Each institution in BC offers unique academic programs.Teachers are strongly encouraged to obtain TQS pre-approval for any course work prior to commencing academic work that may be used for upgrading their TQS salary category.“He’s like a god to the Tibetan refugees we had been working with, so hearing their stories made it more real to see him and to hear how much they appreciate him, made us try to appreciate him even more.We felt really special and privileged.”The Dalai Lama told the group, in the gently humorous way that he has, that he couldn’t give them advice about teaching math, because he doesn’t even know his times tables.

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Courses are planned with the Program Coordinator in the Teacher Education Office.The Teacher Updating Program offers qualified applicants the opportunity to update their teaching credentials and to become familiar with recent pedagogy and curricular developments in British Columbia schools.Teachers updating for certification in British Columbia are enrolled in a 30 credit, post-baccalaureate Diploma in Education program that includes curriculum and pedagogy courses, plus teaching practicum.The courses and practicum are specific to either the Elementary or the Secondary option, as determined by the needs of the applicant.Courses for this Diploma in Education are established and will also incorporate the needs and background of the applicant; therefore, an individual evaluation is first required.