Sailormoon senshi dating game

Well, the English-language lyrics to the theme also suggest Sailor Moon's battle tactics involve “never running from a real fight,” when in fact she runs from fights .

So I'm guessing they're playing a little fast and loose here.

It's notable for being one of the first magical girl mangas that has a group of magical girls instead of just one.

After years of teenage obsession I'd just like to say I always knew the day would come when this knowledge would be important—nay, necessary. She's the main character of a popular 1990s manga and anime series about superheroines in sailor suits who save the world. Sailor Moon meets them one at a time, and they're collectively known as the Sailor Senshi, aka "guardians" or "soldiers," destined to protect the solar system from evil.

I've been a huge fan of since it reached American shores in 1995. They are interplanetary superheroines with alter egos as junior high school girls, yes.

But this love was forbidden as they were born on different planets.

Before this ‘Romeo & Juliet’ could find happiness together, the thousand years of peace that Queen Serenity had brought on was destroyed.