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People give more value to things that come in limited quantities.

Take a deep breath, don't panic, your officially a senior citizen, Damn where has all the time gone!

How many of us, have had thoughts such as that recently? But I don't feel like a Senior, honestly I don't and I know that I think and even act at times younger than some of the 30 and 40 year olds I know!

The Waitress overheard some of this and started to laugh and said you know my Grandad has been scouring the Internet to find anything he can on seniors online dating.

I could write pages and pages on the subject, but would that be living in the past? I say would like to, but she is scared, lacking in confidence.On discussions with her about this, she said she has searched senior dating services and senior dating sites and has been put off, because she feels over whelmed and has a Fear of Being Preyed Upon, Humiliated, Embarrassed and Ripped Off and doesn't want to make another mistake in her life plus she really thinks that no one would want to go dating older women.This discussion took place by the way at a fantastic Seafood Restaurant overlooking the water whilst devouring a seafood platter and downing a good bottle of wine.I am a senior in the Baby Boomer Generation you know born between 19 the time of the Beatles, The Vietnam War, mini skirts, Woodstock and such like, way back when honestly I never gave a thought of becoming a senior, I didn't even think in terms of "Senior" gosh, anyone over the age of 40 in my mind was "Old". After a conversation with one of my good friends, I sat down the other day and almost cried when I thought of the time that had passed, of the many things I had done in my life so far, plus the many things still to do and of course during this time of reflection came the inevitable regrets.A wise man once said regret weigh tonnes and I think he was right.