Dating someone with a std

She met a guy that she really likes and he told her upfront that he has an STD.Now I am not going to go into the semantics of what he has, but lets just say its not curable.Did he think that since it was a hookup, and not a serious relationship, that divulging such information was not essential?We don’t know all of the details of this situation, but either way, a person should always disclose their health status before they engage in sex — unprotected or protected.That was the first moment I thought that I might have a normal life. Firstly, it was painful and gross, and then I was worried about the implications it'd have on my then-relationship and potential future relationships. And I felt incredibly stupid and ashamed, like I could have avoided it if I had just been more careful and, oh, I dunno, refused oral sex from my then-boyfriend whenever he had even the slightest hint of a cold sore. I've always practiced safe sex, so it felt really unfair, aside from anything else.

Did Usher really have unprotected sex knowing that he had an STD?

However, letting them know sometime before entering the bedroom shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Not only does it need to be mandatory, but also, telling your partner of your status is a legal obligation.

Got the all-clear on the virus in late 2013, but have still had bad pap results.

Woman C: I found out I'd had a bad Pap test and was positive for HPV in June 2011.