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They even make up special phrases for where they go/went to school, like “dropping the H-Bomb.” Good God, get over yourselves.I’m sure glad my own blazing Harvard credentials, which I keep in special pouch around my neck, have never once prevented me from interacting with the little people in a way that makes them feel like we are all the same species. In all seriousness, there are of course enormous, self-important jackasses who graduate from Harvard, but there are also more than enough people who gladly buy into the Harvard mystique.I do what is right for me, I'm rather blunt and don't hide how I feel!!I'm not self centered or too engrossed in my self as I feel everyone..."I know that people have a bad idea of what online dating is about," Alexa said."The problem is that no one has really come up with a better way to serve these needs that everyone has, from college students to young professionals. Why wouldn't we use these tools that we have to help us?

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In drizzly weather, the tech mogul spoke passionately about purpose and community.

Zuckerberg, who famously dropped out of the class of 2006, received an honorary degree earlier in the day.

You know the old joke: How many Harvard men does it take to screw in a light bulb?

He told them to take a page out of his dating book, as now would be a great time to tell someone they need to go on a date as soon as possible; no waiting around.

Bedecked in a plastic poncho, Priscilla listened gamely to his profession of love. They share a daughter, Max, and are expecting a second child.