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The company also published postcards under the label – a novel idea which was a set of picture postcards that could be played as 45rpm records which were manufactured by the Hardy Record Manufacturing Company of London.

The company initially published its own hand coloured images of the landscape of south-west of England and later graduated to producing art reproductions.

This photo studio created souvenir books and postcards from their photographs.

Their first cards contracted with the Detroit Publishing Company seem to have made their appearance around 1903, with some having their logo blind embossed on them.

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They produced artist signed postcards in tinted line block, many with elaborate printed backs.

Interior views of the hotels were also produced and some of these are very popular with collectors today.

The Texas flags on the set of Suzanne's country video are displayed incorrectly.

The state code since 1933 says the red stripe should be on the right side when the flag is hung on a wall vertically.

Both flags visible in this scene have the red strip on the left side.

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