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You have very big reasons to have trust issues with your husband and he knows this as well.

He is choosing to do what he likes, talk to who he likes and when he likes, he is lying to you and when caught, doesn't seem to give to much thought to the fact he has a problem and has you thinking of separation. Given the fact that your husband gets angry with you and is displaying jealousy....

It could be different from who we are now," said Paolo Federico-O'Murchu, 17, from Montclair, New Jersey.

Shortly after Paolo put up his post, five potential roommates contacted him.

Because there are human rights laws preventing GCHQ from watching the entire conversation, Optic Nerve takes a screenshot once every five minutes.

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According to the documents, 3 to 11 percent of all of these images intercepted contained nudity.

This is troubling in light of recent NSA and GCHQ leaks, which revealed that analysts face limited oversight which allows them to spy on their exes and loved ones, as well as the revelation that they have used people’s pornography habits to “discredit them.” This is a truly shocking revelation that underscores the importance of the debate on privacy now taking place and the reforms being considered.