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Every morning Andy would call his amanuensis Pat Hackett and out it would come, a stream of parties, celebrities (“went to the Sherry Netherland with Bianca to interview Spielberg …Bianca was hot for him because she wants to be in one of his movies”), and numerous moments of startling insights.The news that triple-Oscar-winner Daniel Day-Lewis has included the actor Phil Davis in a list of those whose work has shaped his own glittering career may come as a surprise to the average punter – and even to Davis himself.

Janet Malcolm's The Silent Woman is one and Ian Hamilton's In Search of Salinger another.AFTER Campbell stepped out of the car, FBI agents searched him and found a .45 caliber semi- automatic pistol and "what appeared to be a ballpoint pen, but was actually what is known as a pen gun that fires a single .22 caliber bullet," Walton said. Best book I remember reading was Harold Robbins's The Carpetbaggers." In the end, as Frank tells it, Bumpy died in his arms: "We were at Wells Restaurant on Lenox Avenue. A quote from Carol Speed: "While filming The Mack, I started dating Frank Ward. In a great piece called “Meritocracy Is Exhausting,” from The Atlantic (ht DT), Victor Tan Chen explains how a society built on reward can be not only tiresome but also inescapable.They can’t just clock in at the factory anymore and expect a decent paycheck.Now they have to put on a smile and pray customers will give them five stars in the inevitable follow-up online or phone survey. Replaying past decisions in their minds—about schooling, finances, careers—plunged [unemployed workers] into depression and even thoughts of suicide.