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When you need to update data from one table to another, consider the following rule: the data types for the source and destination fields must either match or be compatible.

Contact Info FOR INSERT, UPDATE AS -- Declare variables DECLARE @Contact ID AS INT, @Contact Info ID AS INT, @is Primary AS BIT -- Set variables SELECT @Contact ID = ( SELECT Contact ID FROM Inserted ), @Contact Info ID = ( SELECT Contact Info ID FROM Inserted ), @is Primary = ( SELECT is Primary FROM Inserted ) -- When inserting or updating an address, set is Primary to off for all other addresses if this one is primary IF @is Primary = 1 BEGIN UPDATE Contact Info SET is Primary = 0 WHERE Contact ID = @Contact ID AND Contact Info ID CREATE TRIGGER Set Primary Contact Info ON dbo. Until now I've always thought of it has having one and only one record - the record that is currently being modified.

I need to update all user records (accounts), to set a new email address. ) available to perform the update, so I can save developping such a script myself?

Our Confluence and Jira instances are hooked up to LDAP AD (no crowd).

After clicking on Edit Multiple Entries under the Tools menu or using the keyboard shortcut "E", you'll be able to modify the field values which displayed in listing page.

You may update the field values by typing into the cells that represent your field values for your entries, just like the way you would in other spreadsheet applications.

If you have Admin access right on the sheet and would like to update multiple entries, you may enter the listing page and click on the Tools menu.Tip: You might want to back up your database before you run an update query.You cannot undo the results of an update query, and making a backup helps make sure that you can reverse your changes if you change your mind.Migrating your Word Press website to a new URL and unsure about where and how to update old URLs in database?Do you want to skip the tedious process of manually changing the URLs?