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The errors say that there is supposed to be a ; before the else but I cant figure out where Im still messing up. Didnt have that problem for the other values in the extra files so im not sure why that is giving me trouble but here is another updated version.

, in which the desired information must be located immediately.

Perhaps the simplest is to require that all the records in a file be of the same fixed length.

Sequential files are used more often because they are easy to create, but random access files are more flexible and data can be located faster. Before we begin our discussion of random access file I/O, I suggest that you refer to those pages.

This kind of instant access is possible with and with databases (Chapter 25).

A program can access individual records of a random-access file directly (and quickly) without searching through other records.

Basically what I would like to be able to do is be able to write data within a file, without having to 1.

Write the final part I would like to be able to do something like 1. If I remember correctly you can do random access files in GWBasic.