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She eventually conceded and obtained a bottle of Halothane (a liquid general anesthetic) from the veterinary clinic where she worked, that would later be used to sedate Tammy during the rape.On December 24, 1990, Tammy was drugged with a combination of Halcion and alcohol, passing out in the family room in the basement of the Homolka house.Tammy's parents and sister Lori were upstairs asleep at the time.Three weeks after Tammy Homolka's death, Karla and Bernardo filmed a video called "The Fireside Chat" within the Homolka residence. It started in the basement recreation room and at some point the filming moved into Tammy's bedroom.

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Although those seated in the gallery were unable to see the video, the audio soundtrack provided more than enough light (for lack of a better term) by which to view the horrible scenes of which the pair were accused. She put it in her mouth, like this." After more minutes of oral sex with no climax, she continued: "You put her on her knees. And I let you do that because I love you, because you're the king." Homolka : "If you want to do it 50 more times, we can do it 50 more times. Or I'll stay here and clean up afterwards like I did on Sunday. "I'm your cunt-licking slut," she said, "the keeper of your virgins. Of course the blind was broken thanks to moi, so I could watch her change. While she performs various sex acts Bernardo has a bored look on his face, looking at the ceiling or at photos of Tammy.As the days went on (and as the bitter melon sat in the crisper drawer of my refrigerator), I became more hesitant, not sure what I was thinking.Thanks to a secret agreement with his partner, 60-year-old actress Jana Krausová, Roden is reportedly expecting his second child with a younger woman, Prague dentist Laura Čekanová.In other instances, he would secretly watch Tammy undress from outside the Homolka house, masturbating as he watched.In September 1990, as their relationship progressed, Bernardo started to press Karla to allow him to have sex with Tammy.