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Perhaps you are particularly averse to receiving a cooling dose of urine at the local swimming pool?Maybe you just like the sand beneath your toes as you walk the beaches, choosing a nice, quiet, isolated spot from the rest of the city plebs.The bull-leaper, an ivory figurine from the palace of Knossos, Crete.The only complete surviving figure of a larger arrangement of figures.They could also have been included as palace decorations because the palace was built for an Aegean princess diplomatically married to a Hyksos pharaoh.Other examples of bull-leaping scenes have been found in Syria, such as a cylinder seal impression found in level VII at Alalakh (Old Babylonian period, 19th or 18th century BC) showing two acrobats performing handstands on the back of a bull, with an ankh sign placed between them, another seal belonging to a servant of Shamshi-Adad I (c. Furthermore, a relief vase was discovered in Hüseyindede in 1997, dating to the Hittite Old Kingdom (18th to 15th centuries BC).

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The Type III depictions are often found in Late Minoan IIIB artwork (14th to 13th centuries BC).

Frescoes in Tell el-Dab'a (Avaris, Egypt) dating to the 18th dynasty (16th to 14th centuries BC) show similar designs besides genuinely Egyptian motifs, for which reason they have usually been ascribed to Minoan-taught Egyptian craftsmen (rather than to Minoan ones directly).

You swim toward the endangered beauty, your eyes meeting as you work desperately to save your drowning Ophelia. Also, Ariel now appears to be using her long, prehensile snake-body to gracefully close the romantic distance between you.

Perhaps, you consider, she simply wishes to save you from this terminal case of leg cramps?