Girls who want to kinect chat

- Buy a 16 foot standard USB 2.0 extension cable, Male to Female with buffer (like this one) - Buy a super cheap 15 foot simple USB 2.0 extension cable, Male to Female (like this) Had to wait until the kids opened the Kinect at xmas and was nervous this wouldn't work as the "official" Kinect cables are ridiculously overpriced.

But this cable with it's extra length I needed to hook this from XBOX to Kinect worked flawlessely.

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I just got a Kinect and I have a wall mounted TV with the wires running behind the wall.Super great.”But Microsoft executives apparently decided that this predictable pushback was worth it to keep Xbox One sales from settling into a permanent second-place position behind Sony’s Play Station 4.The Kinect’s appeal simply has not been enough to compensate for the 0 price gap, so until now, Microsoft was fighting this latest console war with one hand tied behind its back.We cover mobile gaming and then add in plenty of random geek sprinkles.Our community is super friendly and we welcome diversity. We are a space for gamers to unite and build friendships.